Saturday, May 2, 2015

My March & April in Instagram

1. Misha sniffing my breakfast-- corn flakes with yogurt, fresh strawberries and a drizzle of honey.
2. Boho stretch bracelets, some of my most recent additions to the shop.
3. Beautiful wysteria I found draping over a wall in the street.
4. Was walking around the neighbourhood and was captivated by this pretty azalea bed over a water mirror.

5. Pink trees, pink trees everywhere!
6. Terra + Luna's new turquoise and cocowood statement necklace.
7. A quick visit to the countryside.
8. Just Misha.
9. Working on a special piece for a special someone.
10. A later gram of a pretty clover meadow in the forest, from last autumn.

11. The current view from my bedroom window.
12. Another later gram, from Porto Botanical Garden's succulent garden. This is where our lookbook was shot almost an year ago.
13. Old houses from a local historical street.
14. Some of my precious tools of the trade.

Well hello May! Can't believe we're almost halfway through 2015, so crazy to just think!
For me, these last couple of months have been all about communing with nature, working for Terra + Luna and taking care of some important personal stuff in between. I feel like my life has almost stopped this year as I keep waiting almost tirelessly for a certain, very important opportunity (sorry I won't speak about it just yet). I am finally getting my usual spring vibes however, although not as strong as in previous years. But I do get a smile on my face everytime I walk beside a flowering bed or up the main street in my neighbourhood which is crowded by pink trees. So pretty!

How was your April? Anything you're looking forward to this month?
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