Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life Lately | A New Chapter

Some shots from the last couple of weeks, taken from my phone (yay, phone quality).
Yo there, long time no see.
There are no words to explain what I've been feeling these days. Two weeks ago I had my first day at my first day job. It all happened so slowly, yet so suddenly. I got my Master's degree in Landscape Architecture last year in September, so it was a good while until I found this opportunity. I can't express how much I was freaking out on the inside with being unemployed and seeking this opportunity.

But my life has changed now. I now have a new routine. New wanderings. New faces. New vibe. New responsabilities. New challenges.
This is why I had to interrupt my activities with Terra + Luna (again). I am now seeking ways to reconcile both activities, although I think it won't be so hard because this new job actually provides me with a friendly schedule. Just gimme a few days!

PS. There is a local funfair going on just outside my office's building for the entire moon. It's been utterfly difficult to resist all the amusement rides and farturas (typical portuguese fried doughnuts, similar to spanish churros). I repeat. utterly difficult.
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