Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Moon Wishes #9

Hey everyone, and welcome to New Moon Wishes, a series where I share some of my intentions for the following four weeks. Every New Moon eve I'll sit down, meditate on my priorities, and share some of them here the next couple of days. These can be challenges or simply things that I wanna do of my life. I encourage you to do the same and push yourself to enjoy more of your life!

Again, this Wishes post comes a little bit late, but as you may find in my latest post, I've been busy with a brand new routine! This has been a moon of changes and new paths. Although I had to take a step back from a couple of things (blogging included as already mentioned), I'm pretty excited for the upcoming times. I can feel my life gradually changing, for the better. And yet, for the unknown.

But before I move on to the new future, let us take a look into last moon's wishes:

1. Show this blog a lot more love. Despite the latest routine changes and struggles, can't say I haven't! I gave this corner the graphic revamp I was craving for for quite a while and also improved my post frequency, although I wasn't able to meet my goal of two posts per week.

2. Improve my Etsy photography. Nope. I told this would be difficult and now with my new day job it's even harder because I'm rarely at home during the best hours of the day for photographing my jewelry. 

3. Eat more fruit. Done. Been eating an average of 2.5 pieces of fruit per day, although I was aiming at 3 every day. But this is the best time of the year to eat fruit as it's refreshing and there is a lot more variety! Curiously, I noticed that I tend to eat more fruit during weekdays and go lazy mode for the weekends...

4. Cancel my Oriflame Cosmetics dealer account. Well, they won't let me? I can't find the option in their website so I sent an email asking to close my account- and I never got an answer. One thing is for certain, I haven't placed an order in more than 12 months and don't plan to place a new one, ever again. (Nothing serious against the brand, I'm just moving towards a more natural path.)

5. Give hair henna a try. Done! The final result didn't come out exactly as expected but it was surely a very positive experience, which I'll share with you guys soon enough!

And this is what I wrote down a couple of weeks ago!

1. Improve my Etsy photography. This is crucial, although I need to find a better way to conciliate all my activities. But my shop really could use this, so I'm giving this wish another try!

2. Visit the local farmer's market. I've been hearing about it for ages but kept waiting for the chance to pay it a visit. This month the wait will be over. :)

3. Sign up at the municipal swimming pool. Because D. needs it to heal his back and I could use some swimming too, so we're signing up together as soon as we can.

4. Do a wardrobe detox. It's that time of the year again and I have a day job now, so I'd like to be more selective when it comes to my outfits.

5. Do a small compendium of natural cosmetics brands to watch- and try. And of course share it! I've already put lots of work into this, so be prepared. :)

Summer is almost there peeps. What plans do you have for the next few weeks?
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life Lately | A New Chapter

Some shots from the last couple of weeks, taken from my phone (yay, phone quality).
Yo there, long time no see.
There are no words to explain what I've been feeling these days. Two weeks ago I had my first day at my first day job. It all happened so slowly, yet so suddenly. I got my Master's degree in Landscape Architecture last year in September, so it was a good while until I found this opportunity. I can't express how much I was freaking out on the inside with being unemployed and seeking this opportunity.

But my life has changed now. I now have a new routine. New wanderings. New faces. New vibe. New responsabilities. New challenges.
This is why I had to interrupt my activities with Terra + Luna (again). I am now seeking ways to reconcile both activities, although I think it won't be so hard because this new job actually provides me with a friendly schedule. Just gimme a few days!

PS. There is a local funfair going on just outside my office's building for the entire moon. It's been utterfly difficult to resist all the amusement rides and farturas (typical portuguese fried doughnuts, similar to spanish churros). I repeat. utterly difficult.
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

My March & April in Instagram

1. Misha sniffing my breakfast-- corn flakes with yogurt, fresh strawberries and a drizzle of honey.
2. Boho stretch bracelets, some of my most recent additions to the shop.
3. Beautiful wysteria I found draping over a wall in the street.
4. Was walking around the neighbourhood and was captivated by this pretty azalea bed over a water mirror.

5. Pink trees, pink trees everywhere!
6. Terra + Luna's new turquoise and cocowood statement necklace.
7. A quick visit to the countryside.
8. Just Misha.
9. Working on a special piece for a special someone.
10. A later gram of a pretty clover meadow in the forest, from last autumn.

11. The current view from my bedroom window.
12. Another later gram, from Porto Botanical Garden's succulent garden. This is where our lookbook was shot almost an year ago.
13. Old houses from a local historical street.
14. Some of my precious tools of the trade.

Well hello May! Can't believe we're almost halfway through 2015, so crazy to just think!
For me, these last couple of months have been all about communing with nature, working for Terra + Luna and taking care of some important personal stuff in between. I feel like my life has almost stopped this year as I keep waiting almost tirelessly for a certain, very important opportunity (sorry I won't speak about it just yet). I am finally getting my usual spring vibes however, although not as strong as in previous years. But I do get a smile on my face everytime I walk beside a flowering bed or up the main street in my neighbourhood which is crowded by pink trees. So pretty!

How was your April? Anything you're looking forward to this month?
Feel free to share your impressions down below and follow me on Instagram if you liked this post!
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