Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Favourite Products from Oriflame Cosmetics

I've been a Oriflame Cosmetics dealer for about 7 years now. Over these years, I've tried many of their products; treasured some of them and stumbled upon some not-so-good ones. Also traded lots of feedback with my clients, which was always a great experience!

However, as I have stated a couple of weeks ago, I am now moving towards a more natural approach when it comes to cosmetics... and Oriflame does not have a place in that approach. Although this brand offers many decent and lovely products and while these products aren't animal tested, they do contain many chemicals I personally came to dread, especially parabens. Thus, after I publish this post, I will cancel my Oriflame account permanently. We could refer to this blog post as my last task as a dealer-- to quickly summarize my experience with Oriflame and give my last reviews and suggestions. With no further delay here are my all-time Oriflame faves!
1. Oriflame Happy Relaxing Orange Scented Hand Cream (discontinued). This was actually a birthday gift from Oriflame Portugal themselves- and what a lovely one. My hands always get very dry during the winter and, until today, this has been the only cream that really helped me! It was quite rich, yet easily spread and quickly absorbed. A little always went a long way for me and the (very) small bottle actually took an entire winter to run out, even though I made use of it at least twice a day. Plus, the citrus smell was amazing! Refreshing and sweet, not sickening at all. I was sad this product was discontinued shortly after I received my bottle because it was such a good cream for very dehydrated hands.

2. Oriflame Optimals White 'Seeing is Believing' Multi Benefits Eye Cream. Thanks to my course and late night social networking, I came to develop dark circles and of course I wasn't surprised at all. While I cannot say this cream was miraculous, it does work, although at a quite slow pace. After a couple of weeks of regular use, my dark circles and puffiness did reduce a little bit, although we all know that daily sleep and good rest is the best medicine in this situation. :) The only bad thing I'd point out (besides the chemical ingredients of course) would be the glass pot that, although very cute, is a little unconvenient to use and unhygienic.

3. Oriflame Lip Spa Therapy Lip Balm. Like my hands, my lips also suffer a lot through the winter (if not the entire year) and this lip balm, although very limited in quantity, did an awesome job at keeping them soft and healthy looking. It's super hydrating, very lightweight on the lips and convenient to use as it comes in a stick. I like my lip balms that way. 

4. Oriflame HairX Summer Care Leave-in Conditioner. One of my current summer essentials. I use it most summer days and always carry it to the beach with me to hydrate and detangle my hair after going for a swim. I still have a bottle of this one, but I'm now looking towards a more natural alternative. Any ideas?

5. Oriflame Secret Garden Eau de Parfum. This was a blind buy but I instantly fell in love with this perfume! The fragrance is very delicate and feminine with floral notes being the most noticeable, although there are also some subtle green and milky notes. Overall, it's a very nice, unique and comforting scent. And while some people complain that it doesn't last throughout the day, this has not been my experience. Some of the notes do last the entire day, if not more. Even D., who is not much into perfumes, used to point out how lovely I smelled hours after I applied it.

6. Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer. You guys should have been thinking by now, why the heck there is no make up in this list? Truth is, I rarely wear any make up. Yes, I'm lazy like that! It's been literally years since I've worn foundation, blush or concealer, but I do love a good mascara and black eye pencil on special occasions. And this pencil is probably one of the best I've ever tried in my life. I love the fact that it's retractable so no need for any sharping and wastage. The texture itself is very smooth and gentle on the skin. Plus, this pencil is waterproof and stays intact for hours!

7. Oriflame Feet Up Cozy Moments Cinnamon Foot Cream (discontinued). While this was a limited edition product, I'm so glad I put my hands on it. This cream has a lovely and comforting cinnamon scent which is awesome for after a long winter day. The texture is rich and it does take a while to absorb, but it leaves my skin super soft and well hydrated.

8. Oriflame Nature Pink Grapefruit & Ginkgo Body Cream (discontinued). One of the first Oriflame products I ever tried, this body cream had a great, light texture (more of like a lotion, but not too runny either) and a very refreshing effect on the skin. The scent was lovely and fresh and the cream itself absorbed quite quickly, which is always important when it comes to body creams, as noone wants to sit around for minutes before getting their clothes on. The price was also amazing considering how generous the amount in the jar was.

9. Oriflame Pure Nature Blueberry & Lavender Face Toner. Of course, I left the very best for last. This toner was my very first Oriflame product and my very favourite since then. The scent is so wonderful and soothing it actually made me sigh of happiness! The toner itself has a calming effect on the skin and really prevents eruptions. After all these years it is still available for purchase from Oriflame Portugal (not sure about other countries) and I truly reccomend it if you don't dread parabens like I do.

It's been a long ride with Oriflame but it now time to move on for me. New approaches and experiences await me, and I can't wait to share them when the time comes!
How well do you know Oriflame products? Have you tried any of these? And what are your favourite Oriflame products overall? Feel free to share it all down below!
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