Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My February in Instagram #2

1. A spontaneous portrait of Misha.
2. Banana & kiwi smoothie with a pinch of flax seeds and a honey drizzle to kick off my day.
3. Watched this soothing sunset at the harbor, on my way home after a good day.
4. Working on some new bracelets for the shop! Coming soon!

5. A few sketches for (possibly) upcoming new pieces of jewelry.
6. Whole bread toasts with cream cheese, sliced apple, honey and sesame seeds for breakfast. I tell you, this thing is wombo combo!

7. A little snap of my bedroom on a moody winter day...
8. Chilling at the park with D. on Valentine's Day.
9. Just me, with reddish hair!
10. The succulents garden near my ex-office. This is where Terra + Luna's (Terra Mystique by the time) lookbook was shot!

Unlike the last few moons, February was a slightly busier time in my Instagram account. Plus, it's now officially year two of my Instagram series. Be sure to follow me for the occasional sneak peeks into my daily life and Terra + Luna behind the scenes! Oh and... happy March!

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