Monday, February 2, 2015

New Moon Wishes #5

Hey everyone, and welcome to New Moon Wishes, a series where I share some of my intentions for the following four weeks. Every New Moon eve I'll sit down, meditate on my priorities, and share some of them here the following day. These can be challenges or simply things that I wanna do of my life. I encourage you to do the same and push yourself to enjoy more of your life!

Okay, I know it's been half a moon this time, instead of the typical 24h timeframe (with full Wolf Moon in Leo rising in a couple of days), but I've been away from the blog for so long and I didn't want to stop sharing some of the lines I've put down on paper about two weeks ago.

This time I won't be looking back to my last New Moon Wishes post, precisely because it's been so much time since then and a lot has happened. So, for the ongoing Moon, I just wanted to keep things as simple as possible.


1. Finish the research project I'm working (for free) on. This is actually done! Last post, I told that I started working for free in exchange for some professional experience. It's been four difficult months but I finished my commission last Friday. This, of course, means I now have free time to finally...

2. Put Terra Mystique + Luna back & running! The shop is currently closed but will open sometime during this week, with a little revamp. Truth is I'm really tight on my budget right now so I can't invest much, but I'll be doing my very best to bring this passion of mine from the ashes.

3. Renewal. This has come to be a very meaningful word for me. I'm talking about self renewal, of the body and of the soul. I know I've been wanting to get back to yoga and pilates for a very long time now and my desk routine doesn't help at all. Somehow, the more time I spend sitting in front of the computer - drawing in CAD, designing in Illustrator, polishing in Photoshop, assembling in InDesign - the more difficult it is for me to get moving. Years ago I used to dance and run and climb trees all the time, as if it was the best thing in the world. And suddenly, I'm spending almost 90% of my daytime sitting. Seriously, how did that really happen??

Anyway, February is here! What plans and wishes do you have for this month and moon? Feel free to share them down below. In the meanwhile, I'm getting up from this chair and start making some changes.
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