Thursday, February 5, 2015

My August to January in Instagram

1. As usual, I visited the Medieval Faire of Santa Maria in early August. It's been quite a while but I may still share some pictures. :)
2. My "new" Nephrolepis fern, which has been growing bigger and fuller in my bedroom.
3. Watching a soothing sunset by the seashore somewhen in mid-August. One of the very few times I actually managed to visit and look at the sea last summer.
4. Taking a stroll along the meadows near my home, after another hard-working day.

5. Le├ža do Balio Monastery, the stage for another renaissance faire I had the pleasure to visit last year.
6. Just a lazy morning, under the covers with Misha.
7. Apple and cinnamon sweet bread I baked to welcome Autumn.
8. First week working on a free commission for the research team I've interned with.

9. There's something about ivy-covered woods that moves me...
10. Chilling in my living room. One of my favorite nooks in my home.
11. On my way to the office in a Fall morning.
12. On my way to the office in a Fall morning part II - fall colors and textures on a bright, early December day.

11. The last day of 2014 greeted me with a gorgeous pinkish sky!
12. Doodles for the new Terra + Luna logo (still in the works).

Against all odds, I've actually grown to be quite a fan of Instagram last year. But I can't say I have been a loyal IG user during the last few months. My thesis, which kept me way too overworked for the entire summer, plus all those four months in the research office also with lots of work and long trips every morning and evening (ie, getting stuck in traffic almost everyday), made me live a really monotonous and boring routine. I guess I didn't really have many cool moments to share.

Anyway, since I also stopped blogging during all that time, I just thought I would share some of those good bits today. The pictures above are all the ones I've shared on IG from August to January. They may not be many, but I surely treasure every single one of these moments, as they helped me to stay strong and go through my latest challenges in life.

Now February is here! It's crazy to think that the first moon of the year has already waned and waxed. February is kind of a hustling month, with Valentine's Day coming up and such, but February is also a very important time of the year for me. And I am also hoping for a new beginning, a beginning of which I cannot speak just yet...

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