Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life Lately ~ 2015 Wishes

Sup, everyone. I can't believe it's been actually five moons since my last publication. Five entire months! Falling out of touch is something I absolutely dislike, but my life has been quite of a messy ride these past few months. A lot has happened, yet I'm still not sure of where I stand exactly. This blog post serves as a catch-up on things, but before I go into the latest events in my life, I hope that your holidays were pretty awesome and that you're already rocking the new year. Yep, last time I wrote to the world the sun was shining bright outside and, right now, I'm wrapped in a cardigan and sipping on green tea while struggling to keep my hands minimally warm, in a brand new year. This is another moment to say wow, time flies

With no further delay, here is my recap:

1. Terra Mystique on hold- and preparing for a revamp!

Perhaps some of you have already noticed, but my online shop is currently closed until further notice. This is because I haven't had the time to manage an entire small business with so much other stuff to think about. The decision pained me, but I know it was the right choice for the moment. Managing an Etsy shop, although small and not that successful, is pure hard work. It requires a lot of your time, energy, mind and all other kind of resources. And although I love it all, I just couldn't keep up. Don't worry, tho, as soon as I get my life sorted Terra Mystique + Luna will open again. That's right, my small business also has a new name (another one, but it's the last time I change it, I swear!). In the meanwhile I'll get all the time I can to reorganize the shop, stock up on supplies and actually implement some plans instead of just writing them down.

2. I finally finished college... the expense of my entire summer vacation. I barely set a foot outdoors this year. Instead, I spent those three sunny months as a desk potato, working more than 12 hours a day so I could finish my thesis project and prepare myself for the big day in the end of September. It was hard, and painful, but it was worth it, since I actually got a nice final grade and had to overcome my fear of speaking to a thesis jury. Yeah, I felt quite awesome. And tired, so much tired. And sad that summer was already gone by then...

3. I started working for free.

Yes, it might sound freakish. But before you make any judgement, I'll just state that I'm doing it for professsional experience, until I get a real job. I'm currently working on the research team where I interned towards the end of my Master program, and although I was given hints of a possible future in there months ago, I am now looking towards something else. But at least I'm currently part of an interesting project and I got to get myself used to a day job routine, although the fact that I'm not getting paid for my time and dedication can kill my motivation at times.

4. I turned 26 years old.

And realized I'm now closer to my thirties than my twenties (can I freak out now?). I've always heard that late twenties can be insane, and I can already feel it. Suddenly, my Facebook news feed got flooded with pictures of babies and relationship status of old classmates changed to 'Engaged' or even 'Married'. But me, well... I'm not even sure of what I want from life yet, to be honest, What are my goals? What will make me happy? What really thrills me?

I have no idea of what I'll find in my path. No idea of what 2015 will bring me. But I know that 2014 was the year when I learned about sacrifice (although I'm aware that my sacrifices might be nothing compared to others) as well as hard work. I learned that life is uncertain and tougher than I ever thought, but also that the human being is pretty incredible. There are absolutely no limits to our capabilities.

My intentions for 2015? I'd say a more defined path, of course. To find myself and enjoy life more. Oh, and start my shift to a more natural, holistic wellcare. There are a few others, but that's another story.

With all that said, I hope you guys have a wonderful 2015 and that you manage to achieve your dreams (or at least some of them) this new year. I may be in the shadows right now, but I'll surely strive to get back to Terra and this blog.

(Late) new year blessings,
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