Friday, August 1, 2014

New Moon Wishes #4

Hey everyone, and welcome to New Moon Wishes, a series where I share some of my intentions for the following four weeks. Every New Moon eve I'll sit down, meditate on my priorities, and share some of them here the following day. These can be challenges or simply things that I wanna do of my life. I encourage you to do the same and push yourself to enjoy more of your life!

I know this New Moon Wishes comes pretty late, but I guess the reason why is well explained in my last post. I'm feeling better now, although I'm still getting used to the thought that I'll spend the entire summer working on my thesis... feeling a little unmotivated but anyway! As I looked into last month's New Moon Wishes, I realized how unbalanced my day-to-day life has been. At first I was even ashamed to talk about them today, but I guess it's all a part of the process, right? So here's a look into last Moon's intentions...


1. Launch Terra Mystique's new collection. Nope. While some pieces are ready to be photographed and launched in the shop, my idea was to launch them altogether as a summer themed collection. But now summer is halfway gone.

2. Finish and deliver my Master's final paper. No. It's so frustrating that over 80% of my July was focused on this and, in the end, my delivery got postponed by my instructor. 

3. Do a wardrobe detox. Done. I think this might be the only intention I came to fully accomplish this Moon. But it still feels good. I had lots of stuff inside my wardrobe that for some reason I couldn't get rid of, mostly because of sentimental value. But I finally did it. I feel so light now- and so does my closet.

4. Work on new packaging for Terra. While there has been a good improvement, there are still a couple of things to work on until it's perfect. But it's almost there. :)

5. Execute plan B of Operation 'Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow'. Meh... ever since I turned into a potato because of my thesis I stopped doing pilates, and now I feel so unmotivated. I need to find a way to get back on track. Any ideas?

6. Start going to the beach. No, no, no. I haven't placed my feet there yet. Not. A. Single. Time. It's so sad. The weather has been nice but I just can't seem to manage my time. HELP.

This Moon, I decided to slow down so I can try and catch up with everything. So I'm keeping my intentions simple. These are my August 

1. Catch up on Terra Mystique. This includes shop revamp (ie, new items), financial management, new interesting blog posts and many other things I've been wanting (and needing) to do for a very long time.

2. Enjoy a little piece of summer. Even though I'm still finishing my internship project and working on my thesis, I really need to establish a week or two depending on how forward I'm able to go until my thesis instructor comes back from her vacation, and simply turn myself off. I mean, I think I'll break down soon if I don't.

3. Get back to pilates and yoga. Pretty obvious. Must take care of myself.

4. Reorganize my bedroom. Because I have papers and books and materials all over my furniture and a chaotic space reflects a chaotic mind, right?

August is here people! Do you have any intentions for the upcoming weeks? Feel free to share them down below! :)

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