Sunday, August 3, 2014

My July in Instagram

1. Working on my internship project (still a few things to refine).
2. Misha meowing for attention while I prepared my breakfast.
3. Fresh orange and raspberry infused water. Tried it for the first time and loved it!
4. He always purrs like crazy when I place his grass in front of him.
5. View from my bedroom window on a misty morning. So soothing.
6. Picking up some blackberries near my home.

Well, hello August. Too bad we greeted you with grey skies and neverending rain around here! 
As you can see through the pics above, my activity in Instagram has been kinda low lately, and all but one of these were taken around my home. Last month was one of heavy work and little enjoyment for me. I started it all pretty excited to finish my internship project and deliver my thesis, but as time went by the tasks kept multiplying and multiplying until I found myself working from dawn to late evening. And it's not over yet (grrr).

So while most people get their deserved vacation and go out for amazing, hopefully unforgetable summer trips, I'll stay around here, I guess. Still figuring out how to manage my time so I can finish my thesis once and for all and enjoy at least a piece of summer (and work on Terra, of course!). But I'll come up with something.

How was your July? Are you planning to go somewhere for vacation this August?

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