Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Work Hangover...

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...has anyone experienced that? I'm talking about the feeling you get after working long hours for many days of stressful work until your suddenly stop or slow down. That day, when you wake up, you feel like you've been hit with something heavy right in your face. Yep, that's exactly how I feel right now. I feel sore, lazy, and this headache is killing me.

I'll explain everything. After all, it's been a little while hasn't it. While some things have happened since my last post (ie, my giveaway has ended and my chevron rings have reached Etsy's front page, yay!), my free time has been literally zero. If you've been following me for a while (and I deeply thank you if so), you may be aware that I'm now finishing my thesis so I can obtain my Master's degree in landscape architecture. This hasn't been easy at all, as I've almost literally turned into a desk potato and lost knowledge of what 'resting' means for over two weeks. I'd been working everyday, every weekend, from 8am to 23pm or later when I'm able to, with the intention of calling it a delivery next Thursday and spend some time chilling until I hit my thesis defense in the beginning of September. Then, just yesterday, my supervisor decided I should go even deeper in my theme and develop my project a little more. This means my delivery has been postponed for the end of August and I won't come to enjoy any vacation. I'm exhausted and pissed. During the last couple of weeks I barely slept and even stopped doing pilates because I couldn't afford to lose a single hour to this project. I know it wasn't for nothing, but now I need to replenish myself so I have the courage to face (yet) another moon of this.

Alas, I'll try and slow down a little bit so I can catch up with Terra Mystique in the meanwhile. If you've placed an order during the last week, it will be dispatched between today and tomorrow. I'm sorry if you've been waiting for a while now. Also, of course I haven't forgotten about the giveaway, so stay tuned in a few days for the winners announcement. :)

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