Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My June in Instagram

1. These palm trees reaching for the sky made me dream of those long beach days.
2. Creepy yet awesome contrast between a dense, dark cloud and the clear blue sky.
3. Watching fireworks with the boys (not the best snapshot but oh well).
4. My new babies! Found these baby succulents in Ikea and couldn't resist them.

5. My newest breakfast addition, quick muffins based on oats and berries.
6. Beautiful bougainvillea flowers under the wide sky.
7. Back to the place where we shot Terra Mystique's lookbook.
8. Feeling great after sweating like a beast to Cassey Ho's cardio workouts.

9. Misha isn't happy with his new collar. But I need him to get used to it.
10. My latest purchase from Romwe. Got this pretty paisley romper on sale, and I'm gonna rock it at the beach this summer. :)
11. New stretch bracelets to be launched in Terra's new collection... these are mainly made of rosewood, gemstones and natural shells.
12. A sea of african lily flowers right in front of my home.

Well, hello July! The first half of this year is now gone. What a mindblow! So much has happened in the last six months, but it's also been so damn quick.

By looking at all the pictures above, I can't help to notice that my June in Instagram went around the sky above me a few times. I guess I've been looking above many times lately. Looking to a wide, mysterious dimension. To new, immense possibilities... my internship is now officially over, so who can tell what will happen now! I still have my Master's final paper to finish and deliver, and my presentation in September. But until then, Summer is here people! My fav time of the year. I love this small sense of youth and freedom in the air, even when I'm really busy (like now).

How was your June? And what plans do you have for July? Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram if you want to! Happy July lovelies!

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