Saturday, July 12, 2014

Full Buck (Super)Moon

Photo credit: Free People

As the moon crests the forest tops there’s a young buck stretches his neck. Arching high into the night air he searches the night for the scents that it carries. The clover is big and plump, and sweet with nectar, the apples are forming on the trees, and his antlers are growing strong out of his skull. As his shadow changes do to the ever-changing form taking shape upon his head.
- from Mystic Familiar

Happy Full Moon everyone! Sadly, I don't have much time to write a cool, elaborate post today. In fact, I haven't had the time for days. With only a couple of weeks left to finish and deliver my Master's final project and paper, I've been spending my days, even my weekends, in front of my laptop and surrounded by huge tomes and piles of research papers on horticulture, biodiversity and urban ecology. While the sun shines so bright outside and lots of people walk down the street towards the beach. It's not fair.

Of course, I've been taking very small breaks to work on new jewelry (still hoping to add them to the shop by the end of the month), doing some pilates and going for little walks outside. Even so, my soul's almost in agony. This leads to today's topic: today's Full Moon rises in Capricorn, and happens to be what we usually call a Supermoon. That is, the Moon is at her closest approach to the Earth so she'll appear to be slightly bigger and up to 30% brighter tonight.

July's Full Moon is a very 'masculine' Moon, as moose and deer start to grow their antlers in this time of the year- hence the name Full Buck Moon. This is, then, a great time to work on the pshysical things in our lives, both physical in body and any other things requiring physical attention. When it comes to the physical body, if you've been feeling weary/energyless and/or having excess mucus or digestive issues, you are not alone. I came across this very interesting page this morning, and it would seem that the meridian governed by Capricorn is related to energy in the glandular system and these specific body parts (respiratory and digestive systems). I, as well as some other people I know, have been feeling this way for a couple of days, so it makes perfect sense to me. I've been letting daily stress take over my soul, so I took a good time to treat myself nice. I recommend you to do the same. Fill your tub with warm water, Epsom salts, herbs, essential oils, you name it... light a couple of candles and/or incense and let the magick unfold. Your body, mind and soul will thank you afterwards. Mine did! 

Photo credit: Laura Mazurek

I guess that's it for today people... sorry I don't even have pictures of my own to show today! I know that's lame. I really need to take deep breaths, surround myself with things I love and meditate for some new thrill in my life. I may talk more about what I've been up to lately in the next few days, so bare with me! Oh- and I almost forgot... WELCOME new followers! :) I hope you will enjoy your stay here and stick with me after the giveaway ends!

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