Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Wishlist

1. Frequent Use Shampoo and Conditioner by Bentley Organic. In an effort to lower my body's chemical exposure, I'm now starting this gradual transition from conventional cosmetic products to alternative, more natural solutions. I mean, have you ever actually stopped to think about all those unspellable ingredients in the bottle of your body lotion and face cream, that you're applying directly in your skin? Hair care products can be a lot creepy, too. Although Bentley Organic's products are not entirely organic (percentages vary between 70 and 75% of organic ingredients), it's still a huge difference from the almost-fully synthetic products, so they seem like a good choice for those going through the conventional-eco transition. These are available in many herb stores and their price is only a little higher comparing to popular brands like Pantene and Fructis, so they may be really worth a try.

2. Floral Tassel Kimono by Sheinside. I'm totally nuts for light, flowy kimonos. I believe they're becoming quite the addition for me. When I first saw this one, I fell in love! It's too perfect.

3. Full Moon Stud Earrings by PetiteCo. This renowned Etsy shop is from Portugal and sells really wonderful jewelry! I encourage you to take a peek into Vanessa's lovely work. I love it all but these full moon earrings really caught my eye.

4. Chakra Yoga Mat and Bag Bundle by Gaiam. Alright, this set is more of a little dream than an actual possibility, but Gaiam mats are just so pretty. Although I love all of their designs, if I could choose one, I'd probably go for this chakra mat.

5. Giupura Shopper Bag by Blanco. Just because a girl can never have too many bags (and shoes and bikinis and nail polishes and, of course, kimonos...). :) I love boho crochet patterns, and this bag looks perfect for a walk by the seashore.

6. Nike Free Run Shoes in Mint. I've mentioned these in my Spring Wishlist and I'm keeping them here because I really need a good pair of shoes for jogging and pilates. Okay, they don't really need to be made by Nike and mint green, but if I get the chance, I'll grab them for sure.

7. A dreamcatcher. I've always wanted a dreamcatcher since I first saw them being sold by natives in local funfairs and festivals when I was a kid. This gorgeous one is by Banjara Gypsy, although I'm planning to make my own(s).

8. 'A Clash of Kings' by George R. R. Martin. I finally finished the first volume (after an whole year)! I really, really want to collect and read the entire series. And hopefully I'll have more free time for the next books.

9. A jewelry organizer. I'm so tired of spending ridiculous amounts of time detangling my jewelry in the morning just so I can wear a specific necklace. Jewelry organizers made of print drawers look amazing on a wall and can hold lots and lots of pieces. This one is by Barbwire and Barnwood, who sells these in all sizes and formats. They are pretty expensive, tho. If only I could get a drawer and reupholster it myself.

10. Detox Water Bottle by Blogilates. What a great, practical idea for making and carrying our own homemade detox water! One of these bottles would make my life so simple. And they're so pretty and motivational!

11. Raspberry Body Butter by The Body Shop. The Body Shop has been known for their various campaigns and their friendly values which include animal testing disapproval, defense of human rights and waste and energy reduction. Although most of their products still include parabens in their composition, I still praise the brand's effort. I hear their raspberry line is irresistible.

12. L'Oréal Wild Red Ombré. Because I haven't given up on the idea yet. This is the only red ombré kit I can find out there, but if you know about other one (more natural, perhaps), please let me know! :)

Over the last couple of years, I've been in an effort to become increasingly less materialistic, even though there are some things I really cannot resist. On the other hand, I'm proud to say that I've been always able to control my spendings pretty well. It's part of us to desire what we don't have, but I always make sure that most things I buy may help in my personal growth, be it at intelectual, spiritual, creative, health or self-esteem levels. Never to clutter!

What sort of stuff makes you lose your head and your spending control?

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