Monday, June 2, 2014

My May in Instagram

1. Misha sniffing my latest perdition, two-ingredient healthy pancakes.
2. A behind-the-scenes shot of Terra Mystique's lookbook.
3. And another. :)
4. Apex of my academic parade as a finalist.

5. Front cover image of Terra Mystique's lookbook, Colors of the Soul.
6. Rocking my new Doc-style floral boots, my latest purchase from Sammydress.
7. Misha's reaction when I caught him messing up with one of my shoes.
8. Some of the supplies I'm working with right now.

9. A funny alien grafitti on a sidewalk of Porto.
10. A small portion of the garden I'm working with in my internship project.
11. Another stone sculpture from the same place.
12. Misha staring out the window in a rainy morning. So cute.

13. The current pavillion of the Crystal Palace of Porto and its front (historical) garden.
14. Amazing vista over the river Douro, from the rear gardens of the Crystal Palace.

Hello June! How was your May?
Between the usual routine and everyday tasks, my last four weeks were punctuated with some moments to remember. I finally published Terra Mystique's "Colors of the Soul" lookbook (thanks to the girls who helped me to materialize it), celebrated the apex of my academic path, got back to exercising, and enjoyed many other simple things. Time runs so fast, my main concern is to relish every good moment I can.

Thanks for checking in! What plans do you have for this month? Summer is just around the corner now; have you been to the beach yet? Aiming for it sometime in June? Whatever your plans, be sure to live them and live well!
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