Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: Gerês National Park, Portugal (Part II)

Two weeks ago I posted about my latest road trip to meet Portugal's only National Park. I had too many photographs to share in a single post, so here are the rest of them. :) The first of these are from the place where a village used to be before the construction of a great dam which made it sink (read more about it here). It was a nice walk along the river, even if the views were pretty restricted because of the dense mists that covered the mountains.

We had lunch imba sandwiches next to a roman bridge and a pretty riparian gallery, and after that we headed towards my favorite part of the whole trip, the Albergaria Forest. So lush and luminous, even with the rain! I don't know about you, but I love watching the trees with young, bright spring foliage. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped when we entered the forest. I might have looked a little ridiculous, actually. We drove until the portuguese border in Portela do Homem, where we had another walk through these magical woods and a very old path nearby a river, punctuated by waterfalls and awesome kettle lakes.

I had been craving to visit Gerês for years, even if only once in my life. But now I want more... so much more! Hopefully there will be a second time, preferably with clear skies. Maybe next summer?

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