Friday, May 2, 2014

My April in Instagram

1. Second day of daylight saving time - watching the sun setting over the harbor on my way home.
2. Me and D. about to have some sushi + sashimi at our longtime favorite restaurant.
3. Another sunset, this time together with an intelligent conversation.
4. Succulent garden near my internship. Got my eyes on this place for next Sunday. :)

5. Preview of new dainty necklaces, on their way to the shop. Coming soon!
6. Having a walk near my home after a long day.
7. Just a little selfie to (re)present myself to Terra's community.
8. About to watch my favorite series ever... how I had missed this show.

9. Brainstorming on a new statement necklace.
10. Doing some fieldwork (on a very hot day) for my Master's final project.
11. Astonishing waterfall at the Geres National Park. You can see more photos of my trip here!
12. New statement necklace ready! In the end I decided to exclude the feathers and go for a slightly more simplistic approach. It is for sale here.

Hello again May!

It sounds insane that we're almost into summer, but I can hardly wait for it (yay!). If you've been following me for a while, you may already know that I'm quite of the summer child- or summer freak, whatever you wanna call it. I miss those hot days wearing fresh shorts and having fresh lemonade and fresh fruit salad and fresh everything. Stepping closer back to these days makes my heart jump for joy, but it also means that my internship is coming to an end and so is my Master's final project. And that, on the other hand... it makes me really nervous to think about the final defense I'll have to go through in order to conclude my entire course, and it's all been so tough, but at least I'm happy with my project's theme.

As for Terra Mystique, it's been a little slow yet a very nice month. I haven't given up on the many plans swirling in my head and brainstorming notes. Besides, some of them are starting to flourish finally. :)

How was your April? What great things are you expecting this May? Feel free to share!

Happy May,
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