Thursday, May 22, 2014

Boho Summer Inspiration

(Note: The following images were compiled from various sources throughout the Internet - mostly Pinterest and Tumblr. If you own any of these pictures and would have me give proper credit, please contact me. I'll be happy to include your name down below!)

Summer. The ocean. The beach. The waves. The sand. The colorful sunsets.
Linen. Coral. Hues of aqua, turquoise and teal. Shells. Gemstones. Leather. Lace and crochet. Sea treasures. Pops of color. Freedom.

I'm happy to tell that Terra Mystique's summer collection is now in production! As some of you know may already be tired to know, just the thought of summer season brings a smile to my face. I feel so inspired right now, even though the rain is back for a few days. I'll be experimenting with new materials, new textures and new combinations- and I'm so eager for the results.

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