Monday, May 12, 2014

Life lately + Colors of the Soul Lookbook!

Hi, everyone!

Just noticed how long it's been since my last post. Last week I took a small break to enjoy a very special event, the celebration of Queima das Fitas. This is a major festivity for college students which takes place in the first week of May every year in my city's case, however, other universities also have their own dates. It's a joyful week when college students go out to celebrate their academic path, especially freshmen, who get hazed one last time before becoming sophomores, and finalists, who wear top hats and walking canes in the color of their faculty. Since I am finishing my Master's in a couple of months, this year's Queima das Fitas has been a pretty special week for me, with many mixed emotions. Tuesday was the most impactful day, when thousands of students parade through the downtown streets of Porto until the city hall and greeted by the Mayor. Other thousands of people come to see the parade, and the buildings are covered with mantles of many colors, each representing a different faculty (baby blue for mine).

Also, every night of the week, a series of concerts takes place next to the city's park. Me and D. managed to watch John Christian and Nicky Romero last wednesday, and we had so much fun. For a while I didn't want that week to end. I felt so free. It's absolutely crazy to think that, after so many years, my academic path is finally reaching its goal.

Now that Queima das Fitas is over, I'm back to my internship and getting ready for my paper's intermediate presentation. My internship will be over in slightly over a moon, and my final paper delivered somewhen next summer.

But now to the great news- if you haven't seen my latest updates in Facebook and Twitter, I'm happy to announce that Terra Mystique's first lookbook is finally OUT! I said I was gonna make it this moon, and I did! :) The lookbook is called 'Colors of the Soul' and features some of my most popular geometric boho pieces, as well as other new pieces which are coming soon to the shop. Of course this wouldn't be possible without the generous help of my photographer and model, Elsa Santos from Meowgraphy (she's also a make up artist) and Francisca Lobão. I'm really happy with the final result!

You can check the entire lookbook here! Feel free to share the book and pin the photographs- I appreciate it! But, please don't forget to give them proper credit... and support us! :)

Feeling blessed,
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