Friday, April 4, 2014

My March in Instagram

1. Out to lunch with D. for yummy noodles with vegetables, cashews and Shitake mushrooms from Wok to Walk.
2. My hanging tealight holder by my bedroom's window on a rainy saturday morning.
3. The first rays of sun in ages, through the window of my internship office.
4. Walking through the woods under the sun.

5. New LOVE knuckle rings added to the shop.
6. Succulent garden in the Botanical Garden of Porto.
7. Urban artist drawing at an education/employment fair.
8. Loving the pretty little flowers peeking up from the earth...

9. Found this lovely camellia flower on the first day of Spring and took it home with me.
10. New pyramid rings - still to be added to the shop.
11. Sunday walk by the seashore with D.'s family.
12. Beautiful whimsical garden in the heart of Porto.

13. Saturday network and breakfast - green tea with butter and jam toast.
14. Delicious and fresh clam pasta with red peppers and corianders.

Hello April! I know it's been almost a week into April already, but as usual, my day to day routine is quite of a mess. March was such an energetic month for me. After so many weeks of being in familiar terms with the dark half of the year (which is now over, yay!), we finally had a few sunny days to enjoy- even though it now seems we've gone back to January because it doesn't stop raining and I'm wearing layers again. Even so, it felt so good to soak up some sun and stocking up on some Vitamin D to deal with my internship routine better. It's been nice to watch Nature waking up from her deep sleep and I'm loving all the colors and scents. 

I don't know if it's spring that really inspires me, but I seem to be getting my creativity back because I've given birth to so many new pieces along this last moon. Some are still to be added to the shop but I'm working on it, between my internship and managing orders. Also, last week I had the huge pleasure to see my peach triangle studs on Etsy's front page TWICE in just a few days! I cannot express how fullfilling it is to watch your work receiving so much love from one moment to the next- even if it's only momentary.

Happy April,
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