Monday, April 14, 2014

Looking for some thrill in my life

Wake up. Head to work. Work. Head home. Have dinner. Sleep.
Wake up. Head to work. Work. Head home. Have dinner. Sleep.
Wake up. Head to... oh wait.

This is exactly how my life looks like lately. Looks familiar, huh? This is quite of a bit of a problem that I can't sort out. Our modern society has fell in such a monotonous way of living, I wonder what happened to living life to the fullest. As a person of too many hopes and dreams, I feel like I'm stuck in a big cage. Sure I'll always find those little moments, like when I'm on the bus telling myself that life is exciting, on my way to my internship and on my way home, or those ninety minutes after dinner when I'm working for Terra Mystique or going for a walk. But that's it. I'm so tired.

Maybe this is why I haven't blogged so much lately- even though I love it. I simply can't find much to say. It seems that my 9 to 6 'job' has become my only role in life and that bothers me to no end. Maybe this is my spirit having a wake-up call now that I'm finishing my Master's. But I don't think there's anything wrong with being a dreamer. I know there are four things I really wanna do with my life: live simply and naturally, get my hands dirty (aka make art), explore and meet new places, and be in love with the beauty of nature. "For in true adventure we find much more than the cheap thrill of adrenaline, we find ourselves."

Alas, I am such an idealist.

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