Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Welcome Spring

Spring's arrival is always such a delight for me (well, for many of us, isn't it?). I wish I would've been able to write a special Spring equinnox post but the last couple of weeks have been so overwhelming, between studying, processing orders and finally going through a new creative process (see above).

I spent the last weekend tagging along with my boyfriend's family and met a few relatives of theirs who came to visit from the (faraway) south. On Sunday afternoon we beat the chilly wind and went for a group walk by the seashore. It had been quite of a long time since I'd heard the soft crashing of waves even though I live so close to the sea. I guess that sometimes our lives get so busy that we totally forget about our everyday surroundings.

So back to Terra Mystique, I have lots of new items ready to be added to the shop- which I will certainly be doing during this week. My passion for this baby business has been growing in such a massive way, I just wish I had more time to devote myself to it. 

How did you greet Spring?
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