Sunday, March 2, 2014

My February in Instagram

1. My star jar at the end of the first month of the year. Been skipping a few days since then but I'm still working on it.
2. Finally was able to start reading this year's Llewellyn magickal almanac.
3. A lazy rainy Sunday dusk... days are starting to feel a little longer.
4. Snapped this little festival of greens on my way to my internship.
5. At the post office, ready to dispatch my last arrowhead necklace in stock. All my orders go in a sturdy kraft giftbox, ready for gift giving!
6. Japanese quince flowers near my internship office.

7. Feeling on top of the world after some yoga practice.
8. There are way too many beautiful abandoned houses in Porto. This one fascinates me in particular.
9. Taking a break from work to go for a walk and reconnect with Nature.
10. The hugest magnolia tree in bloom.
11. The hugest magnolia tree in bloom part II.
12. And yet more magnolia goodness.

Hello, March. Another moon has come and gone and we are now heading towards marvellous spring!
As you may notice through the pictures above, my latest weeks have focused mainly on the coming of Spring. If you feel kind of withdrawn and gloomy (just like me), the time has come to start shooing those winter blues. It is now time to reconnect.

Everytime I had the chance I'd make a break from work and just go outside to enjoy the little bits of sunlight that peeked from the dark clouds now and then. I still crave a lot for the real thing, but watching so many blooming trees and flowers brings me some sense of balance for now. Magnolia trees are my biggest pre-spring obsession. I may not be a fan of pink but I love gazing at their flowers and walking on sidewalks covered in their petals. Also, I finally got back to yoga practice, and I'm now comitted to channel my energy through stretching and breathing much more often.

On the bad side, I haven't been able to work on Terra Mystique on a daily basis, so lately it all sums up to processing orders and managing the shop. The summer collection has been a lot in my head although, so one may count with new additions in a couple of moons!

Feel free to follow my Instagram for more 'behind the scenes' goodies and happy March everyone!
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