Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: Montalegre, Portugal (Part I)

I've been wanting to share some pictures of one of my favourite trips ever for weeks now and, even though I went to bed last night without hitting the 'publish' button, I didn't want to postpone this anymore!

I met a piece of the Barroso's lands in northern Portugal almost three years ago through an academic excursion for the agriculture subject. The purpose was to get to know the three main mountain agroecosystems of the region and their respective management, but we ended up seeing much more than that. We met the endangered Barrosã cattle, also known as Cachena cattle, the village of Paredes do Rio (images 6 to 12) and some other great places which I'll have to leave for another time.

It was a rainy April day and these pictures were taken from my old camera, so they may not express the true beauty of these lands. Still, I found the contrast between textures of the fresh green grass and the grey nude woods simply mesmerizing. As we all gazed upon the scenery in the last picture, my crazy will was to run down and up the hills with no destination. :) Ah, these photos make me nostalgic.

I'll bring the rest next week; in the meanwhile, I'll keep on brainstorming about my summer plans for Terra Mystique while I'm not too busy at my internship and hoping the rain will go away soon...

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