Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

From top left and going clockwise:
Blue Heart Post Earrings: Wooden Treehouse | Mermaid nº 1 Perfume: Catbird |  We're Better Together Card: Little Low Studio | Dead Sea Bath Salts: Herbivore Botanicals (love, LOVE this shop. If only the international shipping was more accessible!) | Winnie the Pooh & Piglet Friendship Bracelets: Emery Drive | Piano Heart iPhone Case: My Little Pixels | Floral USB Record Player: Urban Outfitters | Mr. & Mrs. Always Right Mug Set: The Printed Surface | Let's Cuddle and Make Out Pillow: Rex Lambo

It's the month of romance! Although I agree there shouldn't be a specific time for people to get in the mood for love, I thought I would share a few last minute gift ideas to surprise a girlfriend, best friend, or even yourself. While Valentine's Day is not a tradition between many couples (like me and D.), who doesn't enjoy a trinket now and then, right?

Even if you're yet to find your significant other, Valentine's Day doesn't need to be dreary. In fact, it's difficult to notice what else life has to offer when we're bombarded with advertisements, romantic movies, flowers and heart-shaped decorated storefronts. This holiday has become such a marketing machine that we usually forget about the most important thing- loving ourselves! So this Valentine's Day, give yourself some credit for the amazing person you are and treat yourself to something special. Surround yourself with good smelling candles, take a relaxing bath and wear your best clothes... enjoy yourself!

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