Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Signs of Spring

As March approaches so does the time to slowly let go and reconnect ourselves with the earth. I absolutely am ready to greet Spring at my door.

The sun has been starting to gently kiss the earth from time to time. I don't think I can handle the '24/7' rain any longer! But during the last few days, even though the sky's still grey in a general manner, it's been nice to be greeted by light and winter warmth from time to time. Also, I really hate getting out of my internship at 6pm when the sun has already set. I feel like I never enjoy the days. So this afternoon as I stared to my laptop's screen and blinked at the sun's reflection on it, I decided to take a break from work and just go for a walk.

A few moments later I was snapping these pretties at the Porto Botanical Garden. I particulary love the Vinca blooms in the first two pictures, although they're not a native species. I adore the way they cover the earth, like a carpet of delicate greens, blues and violets. And there's also the azaleas, the jasmine, the narcissus, the magnolia trees... ah, the magnolia and cherry trees, decorating the sober streets with hues of pink and white! It's been really nice to watch fresh flowers blooming after a pretty wet and dark winter. It brings me so much peace.

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