Friday, February 28, 2014

Seven years of uncondicional love

It feels so crazy, but me and D. have completed 7 years of dating yesterday. 
I found these pictures from when we were dating for a mere few months and thought I'd make some use of them... not only because of their emotional significance, but most importanly because, although it's been so much time since we took these photos, my happiness hasn't changed much from this special day.

Sure, it all has evolved from an innocent to a mature love. Through all these years, we have taught and learned with each other... to discover and get to know the best of ourselves, as well as our weaknesses and fears. And we've learned to rise strong with these... or at least, we're in that process. Together. I know I owe him a lot for accepting my mistakes and loving me for exactly the way I am. In fact, I can surely say I still love my boyfriend more than anything I could ever have. Although I always try to keep my individuality, it comes to a time when it's hard to imagine your dreams without a piece of a deeply loved one included in each one of them.

Sorry for the cheeziness,
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