Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sacred Moments ~ Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

1. My beloved lanterns on top of my bedside table.
2. Drying some organic rosemary from my boyfriend's grandparents' garden...
3. ...and storing it for all kind of uses.
4. Occasional desk cleaning and organizing- or at least trying to.
5. Brainstorming on Terra Mystique's Summer collection... perhaps I'm revealing too much. ;)
6. Feeling great after some yoga practice.

Truly it's been more than a week since my last post. One of my current biggest intentions is to keep this blog updated often but I've been getting a lot on my head lately besides my internship and managing Terra Mystique. Finally had some time yesterday to settle a lil' bit down and relax, even though life doesn't stop challenging me.

A couple of weeks ago I read a notice on the opening of a community garden in my neighborhood, a partnership between my neighborhood's cooperative and the intermunicipal waste management service to help disadvantaged families and promote organic farming. I got hyped and immediately signed up for one of the 14 plots. For the next few days there were rumors of lack of interest from the community so I held high expectactions. But when me and D. arrived at the cooperative's head office for the plot draw yesterday afternoon, I gulped at the sight of the 30+ people waiting outside. At first I just thought, well, I only need to be lucky enough to be one of the first 14 names to get out of that box. Then came the rule that really screwed me up. Although the entries were open for both residents and club members of the cooperative, club members had priority over residents getting a plot. There were about 21 club members registered, so all the 14 plots were distributed between 14 members and the other 7 got into the top of the waiting list in case some people give up on the activity. I, as a mere resident without financial possibility to hold a membership status, got almost into the bottom of the list. It really makes me sick that everything in this damned world works around bureaucracy. Sure if I was a club member I'd probably feel wronged if a resident got a plot instead of me because, quoting a member who was there, "residents don't pay for this kind of privilege and would only take advantage for themselves" - which isn't entirely true because having one of those plots requires a monthly fee anyway. But besides studying landscape architecture and being a lover of all things natural and organic and earthy, this little plot would be such a helper (financially speaking). Not to mention the FREE vocational education on organic agriculture that all the 14 entrĂ©es will be having. Urgh, so jealous. I was so mad I even left the office before the session was finished.

Only a few hours later I realized, it's not worth getting upset over that which we cannot control. Only "doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will". There's no use being jealous or caring about the club members and their bought benefits; one day, I'll have my own plot and bring my own veggies and medicinal herbs, grown by myself with much love, to my own table.
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