Sunday, February 2, 2014

My January in Instagram

1. Back to my internship on a misty, damp day.
2. The most gorgeous sunset I had seen in moons (Porto city)... so pretty it didn't even need a filter.
3. Working on the Best of 2013 post with green tea and honey butter toast yumminess.
4. Very inspiring rainbow on a rainy Monday morning.
5. Misha being all cute while struggling to fit in his beloved small box.
6. Stocking up on some organic dried rosemary from my boyfriend's grandfather's yard.
7. Morning company for my stomach flu recovery.
8. Yet more Misha cuteness.
9. Designing brand new packaging for Terra Mystique orders.
10. WIP: Terra Mystique statistics for 2013. I'll make sure to share some when I'm done!
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Can't believe the first month of the new year is gone already! Yesterday I was celebrating December 31st and now I'm making a monthly balance for January. Where did the time go? 
This was a pretty wet month... It's been raining everyday since Christmas, except for a scarce couple of days (see image 2). I miss summer so much. But although super brief and a little moody, to me this first month worked as a time to spread the seeds of the year. As the end of winter draws near and new, petite lives germinate from the earth, my first goals of the year start to sprout around me. As usual my plans for Terra Mystique are immense, but I'll have to manage them along with my internship which also takes a lot of me.

Back in the beginning of the year I wrote about starting a star jar. It's been fun to dig through the day and point something great out every evening. Here's how my jar looks like at the moment.

Looking forward to the upcoming weeks! What about you; how was your first month of the year and what's your perspective for February?
(besides the fact that it's considered the month of love)

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