Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello Twenty Fourteen

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It's a brand new year! I hope you've had a fun New Year's; mine was pretty awesome. I wanted to write a last post before the great evening but the last couple of days of 2013 were such a bustle. Every last day of the year, my Mom likes to make sure that everything around the house is just as clean and tidy as it can possibly be- even though we've spent the night out at separate places. This year I had dinner at D.'s place along with him and his parents and then we both spent the rest of the night hanging out with friends. To be honest, a few hours before leaving my home I wasn't that interested in New Year's, but I'm glad I told myself "screw it" and left my comfort zone. It had been a long time I'd stepped into a club and just had fun. Sadly I don't have any pictures, but I know I will remember this great night for a long time.

Looking back to 2013, it's difficult to make a simple summary. It was a year of upcoming some fears and accomplishing some visions; of meeting a few new places and reliving a couple of old ones. Some goals were met while others are still on the table. But one thing at a time. For instance, a year ago I had set the ambitious resolution of hitting 100 sales in my Etsy shop. Today, my counter is at 95! It might sound very little but considering that Terra Mystique was born only a few months ago it all feels great to me. Also, I grew up with achluophobia (fear of the dark) and I've put my small lamp aside exactly a year and a day ago. I've been learning to embrace darkness as an essential part of life and the world, beautiful in its own way, as well as to fight my own monsters (aka negativity).

There are still many aspects in my life I want to work on, though. I'm not much into this resolution thing but since everybody got into the spirit of it why not, right? For the last few years I've found myself closing to the world as daily life takes over my mind. So my main goals this year are to open myself more to new possibilities and getting out of my comfort zone more often. To be more calm, getting over my past mistakes and not fearing the future ones. To learn with them and getting satisfaction from what I do. To learn to manage my time better, so I'll have time for myself and what I like. To read more books and be more active. To be adventurous and devoted. And to appreciate all good things in life, big or small! I know it's not exactly a humble list but I'll figure it out. What about you?

Happy 2014 everyone!
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