Saturday, January 11, 2014

Best of 2013

Ok, I know this post comes a little later than supposed! Before 2013 ended I didn't think I would actually write it but a couple of days ago I just thought "why not". My internship has gotten the best of me this week, however, as I told in my "Hello Twenty Fourteen" post, this year I won't let my full time "job" mess up with Terra. So this weekend I'm doing my best to bring brand new pieces to the shop! I've had them in a drawyer for a while but I haven't had the time to settle and take good pictures of them. But we finally had a sunny weekend so I've catched the opportunity to photograph my newest creations.

Back to the theme of this post. There were times when my twenty thirteen got a little too monotonous, but on the other hand there are also some very special memories. Here is my top 7 of 2013:

1. I moved to a new home

This was, certainly, the event that marked me the most last year. Leaving the house where I lived for almost my entire life and moving back to my hometown has changed my life completely! I'm now so much closer to my boyfriend, friends and most of the family, as well as to college and other services in general. The nostalgia of the home and environment I grew up in is present once in a while, but living in the suburbs and having to move to the urban center everyday was expensive and tiresome, as was to maintain such a big house. So this change was a huge relief.

2. Terra Mystique was born

After two years managing my first jewelry small business, Wilwarin Designs, I decided it was time for a massive change. I let go a romantic approach in return for a little metamorphosis and a solemnization of freedom and quirkiness. Although Terra Mystique is far from being my full time job, I love devoting myself to it and I hope to continue to do so throughout this new year and make it grow.

3. I was gone in an adventure...

...with my man! For the first time in 6 years we were adventurers and spent some time alone away from home. Our destination was Vila Flor in the northwest of Portugal, a place where, by coincidence, we both used to spend summer vacation with family without having met each other. We camped for 5 days and 4 nights while living each other's memories... and for a while we forgot the hustle of everyday life that took our lives altogether.

4. ...and visited the countryside

There was another summer trip, yet kind of unplanned. I met the lovely village of Almendra and some members of my boyfriend's family who live there, had meals outdoors with homemade bread and freshly harvested veggies and wandered the nearby lands to check the Douro river, a local santuary and other hidden nooks. If we could only have spared the too-hot, sleepless nights... and the zillion mosquitoes which turned D. into a huge potato!

5. Alas, the whole summer was great!

I can't remember spending so much time on a beach since high school! Most of the time the weather wouldn't be nice enough or I didn't feel like going to overwhelmed places. But this year the heat was constantly there and I had a great time exploring the beaches of my homeland, eventually finding some sheltered nooks away from the crowd. There were lots of sunbathing, meadows in bloom, ice cold drinks and beach walking under the starry sky. Ah, how I love summer!

6. It was a productive academic year

But I can't deny it, I paid with blood and sanity! There were lots of sleepless nights and very few outings. There were many field trips, tho. I met several lovely places thanks to my course and learned a lot as well. I enjoyed diverse views, saw plants I had only seen in books and even travelled back in time with the help of archaeologists, with whom we collaborated to create landscape architecture projects to valorize and promote some local hillforts. All my efforts were well compensated as my Master's grades have burst the scale I had originally set as a goal!

7. Family moments

Although this is something which - fortunately - has always been present throughout my life, I can't help but give thanks for all the gatherings and trips with my close ones and even D.'s. Not everyone has the chance to spend so much time with their families and I feel so blessed for being able to have a meal and talk and laugh with everyone at least on a fortnightly basis.

These are the things that most marked my last year, in a positive way. I seriously hope I keep them all in 2014, together with so much more!
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