Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: Porto Botanical Garden - Part II

As promised, here are the other pictures of my last escape to the Porto Botanical Garden I promised to show you guys. Scroll down to see them all, as well as for some text! ♥

Yet again, this Wanderlust Wednesday comes a little out of time!
Last night I was finishing this post when D. called me for a trip to the mall. My birthday is coming up and apparently he was hoping for me to choose something nice as a gift. He suggested a pair of high heeled short boots, clearly stating he'd like to see me looking classy more often. The idea of aching feet makes me hesitate, tho. I already have a pair of high heeled long boots which I love, but I rarely wear them because I hate going through such discomfort just to look good. So I just wear them on really, really special occasions.

One thing I love about my man is the fact that he's always willing to accompany me to clothing stores and help me choose something pretty. Just like me, he seriously finds it ridiculous when we notice all those boyfriends and husbands waiting outside the store. So glad our relationship is such a good symbiosis.

After a couple of stores I did find a few nice looking pairs, but I was still so indecisive about the feeling and colors and materials that he told me we could just leave it for the moment so I could take my time and think better about it. I spy another trip to the mall later tonight. I wish I wasn't so indecisive, but on the other hand that's what saves me from buying too much stuff.

For Terra Mystique, I am planning a sale during the whole weekend for my birthday. Starting tonight! Make sure to look for all details later on. ♥

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