Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Christmas celebration + New Year's Sale!

Hello my lovelies! :)
First of all I'd love to thank everyone who's come here thanks to the latest giveaway at Ester's blog, hoping you will enjoy your stay here. Thanks so much for following!
I hope you've had a great, joyous winter holiday. I personally had a wonderful time with my family, with lots of laughter and good food!

The portuguese Christmas celebration starts in Christmas Eve with a meal consisting of codfish with green veggies and boiled potatoes and eggs, followed by a rich mass of traditional desserts and cakes like Arroz Doce (rice pudding), Rabanadas (similar to french toast) and the famous Bolo Rei (king cake), as well as a few snacks such like cheese, dry figs, nuts and pinneapple.

Christmas trees are also common around here, which can vary from petite ones on top of a table to statement trees on the corner of the living room. Fortunately we do have the space for a two and a half meters tall artificial tree, which we decorate with almost-vintage ornaments that my Mom bought back when I was a little kid. (See my previous post for a peek.)

Of course, the most fun part about Christmas eve is the gift opening! Unlike most traditions around the world where gifts are opened in the morning, we open ours at midnight. But because my nieces and nephew believe in Santa Claus, we keep all the presents hidden until this hour. Every year my brother-in-law sneaks out the house, wears our secret Santa costume and knocks on our door. He will then leave some of the presents by the door and sneak again onto the apartment stairs while ringing a little bell and shouting the traditional ho-ho-ho! It's hilarious to hear him and watch the kids running like crazy to peek on him. Then, while the children are distracted, a couple of us grown-ups fetch the rest of the hidden presents and bring them close to the tree. They always get so excited about each of their gifts, it's priceless to watch.

Our party lasted until around 2am, but the next day we gathered again for a Christmas lunch, with a variety of roasted meats and also a little bit of smoked salmon (the only time of the year I get to eat it and I love it so much!). We then spent the rest of the afternoon tasting some more of the previous night's desserts and goodies while playing our traditional lottery game, usually called loto.

Now the Christmas 'madness' may be over, but 2014 is almost there. To celebrate the coming of the new year, I have a great sale going on in my Etsy shop. ALL items are 14% off for an entire month! :) To redeem your discount, just use the coupon code HELLO2014.

Also, if you haven't yet entered the giveaway at Drawing Dreaming, be sure to enter for a pair of my best-seller stud earrings. Only one day remaining!

How was your Christmas/Yule? And how are you celebrating New Year's? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your best holiday moments! :)
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