Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to make: Yuletide Mason Jar Tealights DIY

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Now, if you've taken a peek into my Instagram profile already, you might have noticed my first picture showing these three little cute decorated mason jars. I got into the holiday spirit last weekend and crafted these for my home as this will be our first Christmas since we've moved. I personally loved how they came out; so today I'm sharing this crafty tutorial so you can make your own too!

Yuletide Mason Jar Tealights Tutorial

- clear mason jars (size and style at your choice)
- tealights or small candles
- seasonal greens
- decorative ribbon
- hot glue gun
- scissors
- brush
- white acrylic paint
- any kind of artificial snow (I used simple sea salt)

First of all, I started by sorting all my greens and get them ready for the decor. I opted for a simple, naturalistic look using just some cedar branches (of the Thuja genus) and tiny conifer cones, but you can go for any kind of festive appealing greens and spices like holly, mistletoe, cinnamon sticks or even star anise. Your call!

For a more wintery look, I gave the cones some little touches of white using acrylic paint and a brush. While the paint took its time to dry, I added some ribbon around the top of each mason. I didn't glue them to the jars else the ribbon could get stiff; instead, I just wrapped the ribbon around and tied it, with only a drop of hot glue right on the knot to secure it. Then, I started adding my greens along the ribbon and just had fun!

As a last step, I added some of the leftover branches inside the masons, coiling them at the bottom and sprinkled them with some sea salt to simulate snow. You can buy artificial snow at a local store, or just do it like me and use simple, everyday stuff like sugar, epsom salts or baking soda. There are many possibilities to make this an easy, almost-free project.
Finally, place a tealight or small candle in the center. CAREFUL not to place them too close to any greens! Contact between both components should be avoided at all costs.
And voilá, super cheap personalized holiday decor to subtly boost that festive atmosphere! :)

Disclaimer: Never -EVER- leave your burning candles unattended. Especially if you opt to fill your masons with greens or other inflammable materials.
Other than that, enjoy your Yuletide/Christmas decor! Feel free to share pictures of your own creations by posting them on Instagram (@TerraMystique) - I would love to see them!
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  1. que ideia tão gira, adorei!! já te estou a seguir no Instagram ;)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

    1. Obrigada querida Ester :) se quiseres adiciona o meu Instagram àquela lista de links ;) um beijinho


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