Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hello, December

So December has come and I must say I'm pretty excited! Not only the Winter Solstice is almost there, but also, my birthday is coming. I'm not really into materialism, but there's something about the enchantment in the air of December and the mishmash to prepare a lovely holiday that keeps me heartwarming.

Also, I have started my college internship this week. So far, so good - most of the people in there weren't really strangers, so I instantly felt at ease, and the theme I'll be working on for the next half an year is rather interesting. And I get an office for myself! Well, except for a couple of colleagues who come and go. But occasional company in the office is always good.

Even though we're walking towards the deep of Winter, the days have been bright and clear. It's been cold tho, really cold. Not siberian-style of course, but enough to make me shiver when I get off the bed and change clothes as fast as I can after taking a couple of deep breaths right before the heater. I keep saying I'm cold-blooded. The sun at noon can be as lovely as cocoa although. Last Thursday, I took my lunch break to pay another visit to the Porto Botanical Garden and gather some greens for the holiday crafts I've been planning with my Mom. I'm not much into spending an entire day in the office so bathing in the Autumn sun felt so good and revigorating. As did feel the smell of moss and bark and dried leaves.

It's actually crazy to think that we're less than a Moon away from New Year's. I completely agree when they say that time seems to run faster and faster as we grow up and get older. But as we reach the apex of this dark half of the year, I try to enjoy every little piece of it, be it the sun subtly kissing my skin and the earth or the cold darkness embracing the world.

Bringing more news pretty soon,
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