Saturday, November 16, 2013

Five Facts Friday

[This post was supposed to come live yesterday, but silly-me forgot to confirm the schedule! Sorry about that! :)]

Hey lovelies!
Lately I've been meditating on how fast time goes. It feels like barely a Moon ago I was still sunbathing on my balcony and wandering in summer dresses and shorts by the seashore, but in reality Winter Solstice is drawing near and near! This academic semester is also coming to an end- and I must say I can't wait to finally stop for a few days before I start my internship, which will be a culmination of my nearly 6-year academic life. The last couple of months have been stressful and hasty with so many deadlines and a major landscape architecture project taking all my time and efforts.

Anyway, it's been a long time since my last Five Facts Friday post, so I thought I'd give you guys another little bit of myself this weekend! If you're here thanks to the Take It From Me giveaway, welcome! I thank you for visiting this little world of mine of words and dreams, hoping you will enjoy your stay here. If, on the other hand, you haven't yet entered to win a 20% discount code at my shop, make sure to click the link above!

1. I love intelligent chats under the Moon and Stars. And if I can have a bottle of fresh apple cider in the meanwhile, even better!

2. I have never dyed my hair, aside from a couple of highlights when I was 14. But for ages now, D. has been trying to convince me to dye it dark red. Hmm, should I do his will?

3. I hate speaking in public. It doesn't matter how much I study and rehearse my speech and all those deep breaths before I start... and in my course, public presentations are like our daily monthly bread. Yeek!

4. When I was a kid, I had a cockatoo called Lolita. But a couple of years later, we found out it was a male! Nowadays we still giggle about our (sadly long gone) macho bird with a promiscuous female name.

5. I'm a tree hugger! Didn't I mention that yet?

Thanks again for stopping by! Wishing a peaceful weekend and a lovely Full Moon ☽O☾

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