Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: Alto Douro Wine Region, Portugal

Haven't written about wanderlust for a while now! Except for that academic trip barely a moon ago, I haven't had the chance to feed my wanderlust since the peak of Summer. So today I'll talk about a 
place I've visited a while ago, although an unforgettable one: the portuguese Wine Region of Alto Douro.

The Alto Douro Wine Region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reflecting specific techniques of sustainable land use, those of both the past and the present, alongside a set of significant natural habitats typical of a Mediterranean environment. It represents a unique example of people’s relationship with the natural environment as a monumental combined work of nature and man. It is also one of the most ancient winemaking regions in the world; the whole landscape of the Alto Douro is gracefully reigned by vineyards to produce the acclaimed Port wine. The AUTHENTIC one.
I've been to the Douro Wine Region twice in the last few years. The second time was last March, in a rainy day of late Winter. But not even the moody weather can dissipate the beauty of these mountains.

The best time of the year to visit this region is, for sure, during late Autumn, when the slopes of the mountains are covered by amazing reds. I've been there for the first time exactly 3 years ago and we could already notice some hints of Fall hues. Also, the sun made it even better!

I can't lie and say I'm not any proud of having a place like this less than a two hour drive away. Although I love the seaside, there is something about the rural, mountainous landscape that simply thrills me. Also, this is such an unique place in the whole world. So if you ever get the chance to visit Portugal, make sure to spend a day or two admiring the views of Alto Douro and tasting some wine!
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sacred Moments

With a deadline met last Thursday and the next stage of my Master's starting tomorrow, it felt so good to finally have a weekend for myself. I finally took some time to do a few little things I usually am unable to do in my everyday life, hoping that my batteries will be fully recharged by tomorrow morning. If only these sacred moments didn't pass too soon.

1. My bedside table.
2. Sipping on green tea and brainstorming on the upcoming new collection.
3. A closer look on my notebook.
4. Hanging tea light holder by the window.
5. Storing dried lavender from last Summer.
6. New pieces on my crafting table, coming up soon!
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Every rose has its spines

It's been so hard to keep this little corner barely updated. I miss blogging already! As I've told my last post, my Master's has taken over my life, forcing me to place Terra Mystique a little behind. I miss sitting on my table surrounded by beautiful beads and gemstones for hours. It makes me so sad because I love this so much but, at the time, proccessing orders is the only thing I can manage. On the other hand, during the last few weeks, I've seen Terra's number of orders increasing in quantity and size, which makes me feel truly blessed! However, every rose has its spines.

Today, I'm writing to talk about a recent issue with my triangle stud earrings. These have turned to be quite of a favorite in my shop, and I've gotten so many requests on them. My latest batch of ordered studs, however, have arrived faulty, which brought a delay to all pending orders on any kind of stud earrings! And, to make things worse, in the midst of so much work and stress, my triangle stampings were all gone before I could manage my listings. Of course, I have more supplies on their way to me, but they still might take a while to arrive...

If you have a pending order on TM stud earrings, I'm so, SO sorry. I have messaged each customer personally explaining the situation and giving a couple of options. If you can't afford to wait about a week or two for your earrings to be ready for shipping, message me back and I will cancel your order and make a full refund; if, on the other hand, you don't mind waiting, I will compensate you in some sort of way in the end!

As I state in my policies, I always do my very best to create high quality accessories and make my customers fully happy with their experience on Terra. This means I will always take extra care while designing my pieces and choosing the materials to bring them to reality, so that the final result will reach my expectations - as well as of those who desire to wear them. Satisfied customers are my main goal. I want them not only to fall in love with the design and be able to find a little piece of themselves in it, but also to be able to enjoy it for a long time. So when something like this happens... it's really heartbreaking.

Thank you so much in advance everyone, for your understanding and support! I'm not giving up on Terra for sure!
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just a Heads Up

Today I'm not bringing you guys a new Wanderlust Wednesday as once again I didn't have the time to plan it. Instead, I wanted to talk about what I've been up to lately, as I'm aware that it's been quiet around here. This is mainly because of my Master's, which has been pushing me to the limit - as usual. Combining Terra Mystique makes it beyond the limit. It has never been easy to manage both simultaneously, but I'm doing the best I can.

The new 'Fall' collection was supposed to come out on the Autumn equinox. I'm so sad I had to delay it. I have a few new designs ready, but would prefer to launch them all together. I am pointing towards the end of this month to bring it all live.

In the meanwhile, a few special orders have also been making me busy, busy, busy too, including bridal and wholesale! I had never done this kind of work before; it is quite tough but I've never felt so blessed! And thanks to these special requests a couple of new 'Sunshine, Feathers & Colors of the Wind' items will be coming to the shop soon enough so keep an eye on it. ♥

I just wish time would run so much slower. There are so many things I want to do, so little time. Sometimes I think I push myself just a little too hard. But this is what I love to do... and my Master's is important too. Bang, dilemma. :)

So sorry I wasn't able to provide you guys with joyful, interesting content but I'm hoping to bring many more news, DIYs and other cool content really soon!
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