Saturday, September 14, 2013

Five Facts Friday: Misha Version (Part II)

It's Friday again! Time runs so fast. It feels like August has barely arrived but college is just around the corner. I wish life would run so much slower. Just another blink of an eye and Winter solstice will be calling... but, for now, here are a few more facts about Misha in this Five Facts Friday. Meow!

1. He always ALWAYS comes to greet me everytime I arrive home. Always so happy to see me, that cutie.

2. They say that holding a cat by the scruff helps to control it better. This doesn't work with Misha. In fact, this is one of the couple of things that make him act aggressive and not even his vet can calm him down. (Yes, I'm holding him correctly.)

3. He has the cutest stripes! They go from the top of his head to his tail in straight parallel lines and not even those big white spots on his back can ruin their geometric perfection.

4. Lots of people take Misha for a female. I don't know if it's his heart-shaped pink nose or the fact that he is tri-colored (although he's not a calico), but everytime I take him out in his carrier there's always someone in the streets who says "Oh, that's a cute girl!".

5. At first I couldn't decide between calling him Gizmo or Anubis. I still don't know where the name Misha really came from but well, he likes it now. I guess. :)

Have a purrfect weekend everyone, enjoying these last days of Summer!
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