Thursday, September 5, 2013

Feathering My Nest...

"What have you given birth to this year? (...) the Creative Imagination - the realm of the collective unconscious - is leaking through into our daily routines. Hopefully, you're letting your imagination, your intuitions, your feelings and your ideas feed how you're living your life. How do you treat your body? How are your thoughts creating your reality? Are you acknowledging your feelings and intuitions? Are you open to the messages of Spirit? You and I are infinite, and yet we're just drops in the ocean of infinity."
--Cathy Pagano

"The Virgo New Moon is a brilliant time to do your house cleaning in mind, body and spirit. Get organized. Set your intention for what you want to create this fall. Stay out of negative thinking. Instead ask, 'What supports my balance?' Don't project out into the future. You are not there yet. You can scare yourself with the 'What if's.' Stay present. The past is history. The future is a mystery. The present is the gift. Your power and effectiveness are in the now."
--Kelley Rosano

Photo credit: Terra Mystique

Once again, this week I didn't have the time to write a "Wanderlust Wednesday" post. Guess I have way too many things on my mind and too little time to put them to practice... Alas, my favourite season of the year is coming to an end! So much to do before Fall comes. Like enjoying the heat before it's gone. Sunbathing a few last times, running around in shorts, lying on the (still) fresh grass. In the meanwhile, new projects are emerging too!

And speaking of house cleaning, my bedroom is halfway ready! (Finally.) I'm aiming for a simple, modern look with lots of boho accents (still working on it). About an year ago I remodeled my father's old desk and chair. They were dark and scratched, plus the chair's stuffing was half ruined. I painted them a beautiful aqua and patina'd them with white for a rustic yet jovial look. This is where I work on my jewelry. :) Still lots of things to do but I hope to finish it all before college starts!

PS. Misha loves my big white kitty.

 Happy New Moon!
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