Saturday, September 21, 2013

20 Things to Treasure in Autumn

Summer vacation is officially over. I am now back to my intensive Master's, which has already surprised me with a 3-day road trip! From Wednesday morning to Friday night, I have travelled around northern Portugal to visit many hill forts for a landscape management project, along with a few other very interesting places. A sanctuary reaching for the heavens, a 500 year-old oak, an archeological excavation of pre-medieval tombs... I'll surely have lots of things to talk about for the next Wanderlust Wednesdays. This trip has been amazing in every aspect as well as a huge opportunity to get to know more about the pre-Roman culture in the northwest of Portugal. And, in the meanwhile, Fall has arrived!

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Although I've been sweating in shorts and flat sandals these last few days (in other words, it has been almost too hot around here), I feel I'm finally starting to give up to Fall. It's not that I don't like it; there is indeed something of enchanting and comforting about this time of the year. What I like the less is what comes next. I have always been a Summer child, so the thought of upcoming cold, storms and dark skies day and night makes me crumpy in a heartbeat.

Anyway, there is certainly one thing Fall has taught me over the years. That life and the world are imperfect, and yet there are many beautiful things to be recognized and cherished (still working on this last part, though). So for today, I've prepared a list of 20 small things to treasure in Autumn. I hope it inspires you to enjoy this new season or at least to make you feel ready for it. Welcome, Autumn!

1. All shades of red, orange and yellow.
2. Spiced air.
3. Snuggling in soft blankets.
4. Candles flickering in darkened rooms.
5. The smell of roasted chestnuts on the street.
6. Stepping on crunchy leaves.
7. Leather boots and cozy socks.
8. Apple everything.
9. Warm crackling wood stoves.
10. Sipping on hot chocolate.
11. Baking cookies and pies.
12. Fuzzy slippers.
13. Soup and bread for dinner.
14. Pinecorns and acorns.
15. Movie nights.
16. Foggy mornings.
17. Pumpkins - of all shapes and colors.
18. Plaid flannel.
19. Counting down to Halloween/Samhain.
20. Long mountain and forest walks.

What do you like the most about Fall?
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