Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: Vila Flor, Portugal

My original plan was to write about my 5-day camping last Wednesday, but it was a too busy of a week for such a long post. So today's Wanderlust Wednesday is dedicated to some of my vacation in Vila Flor! As usual I've taken way too many pictures of way too beautiful things and places, so I'll have to save some of it for another time.

But ye, this post is all about a dreamy road trip, breathtaking woods and some of my Summer fun along with my boyfriend!

Vila Flor is located in the northeast of Portugal, relatively close to Almendra. Both are warm and dry lands although Vila Flor is much "greener", with whimsical woods of oak and pine and cedar. This is the kind of place where I feel at home. I don't need a fancy hotel for the whole world to stop for me; Mother Nature does it better than anything. :) 


The woods / Campsite
Seriously, I could run through these everyday!
The twilight sky above us.

The pool :D
I was starting to believe I would never dive in this amazing pool again! Surely the best thing to refresh ourselves in Vila Flor. This pool is enormous and super deep and there is a diving board standing 3 meters tall (almost 10ft). Needless to say that D. made me jump off it. And I liked it!

I miss everything already! This vacation has been lovely although quite short. I hope I'll be able to come back in future Summers considering how fun and soothing and super cheap it was. Perhaps with a few friends for extra merriment. :)

Wishing everybody a sweet vacation,
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