Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday: Peneireiro Dam (Vila Flor, Portugal)

Remember my Wanderlust Wednesday post about my vacation in Vila Flor? I wasn't kidding when I said I'd have to leave some of it for another time. Well, this is it.

Although me and D. spent most of our mornings having fun at the pool, there was one when it was closed for biweekly maintenance. Also, it was quite of a grey morning (although still very warm), so we took the chance to take a walk around Peneireiro dam. This embankment dam serves as a local water reservoir and is located right beside the campsite of Vila Flor, in a mountain area overgrown with cedar woods and wild flowers. As a main element in the touristic complex of Peneireiro, this place surely praises the beauty of the local landscape and natural heritage. It is also a great spot for jogging and exercise as it features a maintenance circuit.

Although it may not seem so in the pictures, this place is huge. We spent almost the entire morning there.

Coolest cardio machine ever!

Also, there was DEER. ❤

As I've mentioned in the first post, I miss all of this already but I'm really glad and thankful we were both able to visit and remember a place of our childhood (nope, we didn't know each other yet but the world is such a small place!). A dreamy road trip, walking through the woods, having a drink under the open starry sky and listening to Nature herself - these memories will surely be kept in my heart... until a next time. 

Lots of love,
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