Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Art by Matt French.

"*NEW MOON* is here again offering us another opportunity to pause, tune in, and focus our intentions with our heart’s deepest desires. This LEO New Moon is perfect for this, as Leo rules the heart and inspires us to trust our visions and have confidence in ourselves as we move forward and take the steps to bring them into creation!"
(by MysticMamma)

I have always been fascinated with ancient wisdom and whimsical insights. For me, the New Moon is the start of a new cycle as a provider of new realities, thus the best time to meditate about our goals and attune with what we really want to accomplish in whatever field of our lives. As the Moon retreats to regain her glory, so do we prepare to unleash our inner self and manifest our deepest intentions!

This Moon, I will be focusing myself in spatial organization - and thus mental. My bedroom's walls are half way from painted (alas, not an easy job for a single girl) and after that I can finally start to fix shelves and empty some boxes which have been laying around since I moved! Also, I don't have my own crafting room or studio, so I usually create my jewelry in the bedroom - or the living room, since the bedroom hasn't been so inviting... so my current main objective is to clean all the clutter and turn such a small room into my own space, a space which represents the extent of my inner self!

Surely, I have many other Summer goals. Not sure if I can reach them all but as always I'll do my best!

What are YOUR New Moon intentions? Feel free to share them in the comments below! :)

Happy New Moon,
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