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How to Make: Homemade Moisturizing Hair Mask DIY (to prevent splits)

It's DIY time! :)
Some time ago I found these recipes for moisturizing hair masks that made use of simple, everyday goodies. One of them was a banana based mask that could be used as a split ends preventer. While researching on beauty and health care, I found out that bananas have indeed several positive benefits which are not limited to health. Their nutrients, especially vitamins (A, B, C and E), minerals (potassium, zinc and iron) and natural oils, make bananas a great and effective beauty treatment for skin and hair.

While acting as a deep moisturizer, bananas have many benefits such as:
▲ enhancing the strength and endurance of the hair;
▲ creating shine and growth;
▲ controling dandruff;
▲ repairing dry and sun-damaged hair;
▲ softening the hair and protecting its natural elasticity, thus preventing split ends and breakage;
▲ protecting the hair from further damage.

This mask is, thus, suited for dry and/or dyed hair as well as for after a perm. Personally, my ends tend to break and split especially now in the Summer season. So I decided to add my own little twist to this recipe and try it out. :)

Banana Hair Mask
Máscara Capilar de Banana

Ingredients: Ingredientes:
(for one treatment) (para um tratamento)
1 ripe banana 1 banana madura
1 tbs honey 1 c.sopa mel
1tbs extra virgin olive oil 1 c.sopa azeite extra virgem
1/2 cup hot water 1/2 chávena água quente
optional: 1/4 cup dried camomile opcional: 1/4 chávena camomila seca

Camomile is also a good natural product as it revitalizes the hair, strengthens the roots and "helps protect the hair from the harsh external environment" (source here). Since I didn't have actual dried camomile at home, I opened a few camomile tea bags and used their content. But keep in mind that your ingredients should be as natural as possible. I always prefer local products, such as raw honey and artisan herbs, over commercial ones which can still have some chemicals (not always possible for me, but I do my best).

Now, the reason why I've added a bit of olive oil and honey is because banana tends to stick a LOT when it dries, making it despairingly hard to rinse. Olive oil and honey will help in this, not to mention that both of them also have many benefits as they make the hair shinier and stronger, preventing hair loss!

Peel and smash your banana until it's in pulp form, making sure there is no chunks. This step is really important! You don't wanna end up with banana chunks in your hair, believe me.
Blend all the ingredients together and apply it on your hair! :)
Rinse well after 10-15 minutes and wash your hair. Never let this mask dry on your hair completely! It should still be wet when you wash it so that you can easily get rid of the banana (and the camomile).

Descasque e esmague a banana até ficar em polpa, certificando-se de que não existem pedaços. Este passo é muito importante! Não vai querer acabar com pedaços de banana no cabelo, acredite.
Misture bem todos os ingredientes e aplique no cabelo! :)
Deixe atuar durante 10-15 minutos, enxague bem e lave o cabelo. Nunca deixe esta máscara secar completamente no cabelo! Deverá ainda estar húmida quando enxaguar para que se possa livrar da banana mais facilmente (assim como da camomila).

You might feel your hair a little stiff while they dry (I did), but once they're completely dry you are sure to notice the results (again, I did)!

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I hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to make a moisturizing banana hair mask. Feel free to let me know if you gave it a try (or to share your tips if you have any) by leaving a comment below! ❤

Wishing an awesome week,
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