Friday, August 9, 2013

Five Facts Friday

This morning I woke up with the outdoors calling me. The sun was so bright that soon I was torn between finishing painting my bedroom and go to my balcony to soak up in the sun. I guess I love Summer too much.
Anyway, it's Friday again!

1. I love all things esotheric. Incense, oils, crystals and gemstones; everytime I visit a medieval fair I'll get lost with all the scents and colors. And I cannot resist the esotheric galore, never. Last Saturday I brought with me tumbled malachite and turquoise, a small clear quartz geode and a bunch of artisan sandalwood incense.

2. I can't play any musical instrument- shame on me! But if I had the chance to learn how to play one, it would be the celtic harp.

3. I hate playing soccer and I really suck at it. Everytime my physical education teachers made my class play soccer, everybody would jump for joy while I almost cursed them. I didn't run to catch the ball; I ran away from it.

4. I'm super indecisive! It's ridiculous how long it takes me to decide say, which tshirt or shampoo to buy at the store. I tend to base my decisions on a lot of stuff.

5. We all have a crush on a fictional character when we're younger, I guess. Mine was Legolas from the LOTR (chuckles). Twelve years later I still adore him as a character and can't wait to see Orlando Bloom again in The Hobbit next winter!
By the way, I love LOTR.

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PS. There is a new tutorial coming up in the next couple of days! Think beauty care DIY. :)

Wishing a lovely weekend,
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