Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Facts Friday: Misha Version

Today I'm giving my Five Facts Friday a little twist. It has never been that easy for me to talk about myself and there are quite a few personal posts around here already, so I thought tonight I'd write a Five Facts about my cat Misha! He is a sweet little darling who's only one year old but has conquered many hearts on its (still) short way.
So here it goes!

1. I adopted Misha in October 2012 from a local street cat rescue program. I am strightly against purchasing cats and dogs from pet shops or breeders when the ones living a dangerous life in the streets can be as lovable. He was called "Corisco" by the ladies who rescued him.

2. He sleeps pretty much anywhere; by my feet, under the blankets and table towels, in the sink... but his current favorite sleeping nook is a small cardboard box where he barely fits in.

3. He can open certain doors, windows AND the microwave door. Because of this particular talent of his, my neighbour has already been surprised a few times by finding him in her kitchen. Thank goodness she likes cats.

4. Misha loves children! Everytime I have kids playing and running around my house he'll follow them everywhere and goof around.

5. He can also be a pain in the ass. As I wrote this post, he threw an orchid vase to the floor and broke it. A couple of months ago, it was my mother's favorite 40-year-old vase. I still adore him, though.

I have owned many cats since I was a kid, but Misha clearly stands out for his sympathy and smartness. I don't mean I like him more than any other cat I've had the pleasure of loving, but watching him grow has brought many smiles to my face.

Enjoy your weekend! ♥
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