Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Facts Friday

I have many plans for this blog, but one of my very first ideas was a Five Facts Friday series. This will be a weekly post on a few things about me, so my readers and everyone who follows Terra Mystique gets to know me better! Despite of having created this blog mainly because of my new small business, I want it to have a personal twist and feature some inspiration, DIY's and daily life posts. So, starting today, here are the first five facts!
1. I've finished up my degree in Landscape Architecture last year and am now going for the second and last year of the Master Program. Noone actually believes how intensive this course is, but it makes me spend many sleepless nights and too much time on the computer, even on weekends and holidays. I'm so glad I'm on vacation until September.

2. My parents are divorced since I was 8. I currently live with my mother and younger sister, although I have a huge family.

3. I'm super shy and quiet. It's so hard for me to be myself around new people.

4. Fear of the dark was my biggest phobia when I was a kid. I used to sleep with a small light beside my bed  every night. I don't know why but I've always felt very vulnerable in the dark.

5. I am what they call a 'crazy cat lady'. I've owned many cats during my life but I currently own a single male called Misha. He's completed one year of age the current month. He's my little whiskered fellow. :)

This is it for the first Five Facts Friday. Happy friday everyone and have a great weekend with lots of Summer fun!
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