Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Changing the name 'Wilwarin Designs'...



We are now called Terra Mystique!
And what a long, beaufitul journey it has been. Wilwarin Designs was a fantastic trip, but I have finally decided it was time for a little metamorphosis. Now, I am up for something completely different. I have to say it was kind of tough to leave some things behind, but I do not regret it. :) I can't deny this has been indeed a massive change, but life is full of possibilities right?

So here are the new linkz! *clicky clicky*

Click here to visit the new Etsy shop (I changed its name)

Click here to visit and 'like' the new Facebook page

Click here to visit my Twitter profile (name and link changed as well)

Click here to visit my Pinterest (same as above)


Many new items have been added to the shop, featuring a different, wonderful approach. I am now based in a boho, wild and free theme, which contrasts highly with the previous romantic side of Wilwarin Designs. My new jewelry is designed to exalt and praise the free, unique side of women and make one stand out in the grey crowd! The new and first collection of Terra Mystique is called "Sunshine, Feathers & Colors of the Wind" and features many boho chic, native inspired pieces for the Summer. Shiny gold, fluffy feathers, earthy stones and the most vibrant Summer colors!

I hope you guys enjoy the ride as much as I am already. Feel free to browse and share my new links - I appreciate it so much!

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